Explore Woman Perfume EDP_100ml


Explore Woman Perfume EDP_100ml

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This fragrance is set to compliment your style and will make heads turn when you step out wearing it. Manufactured by leading perfume brand, this fragrance is bound to get you compliments. It is a long lasting Light flavored perfume.One of the best methods to attract others is perfume.

The perfume transforms into a unique fragrance on the skin of each person. If you select and apply it well, it will improve you and make you attractive in the eyes of people you want to seduce. The perfume is magic. It adds charm to your appearance, gives confidence, and emphasize your individuality.

The recollection of smell is the longest to be retained of all kinds of memory. A familiar smell is a dominant factor in awakening nostalgic memories. Regardless of whether we realize it or not, we recognize and remember the smell of every person. When you use the same perfume, its aroma becomes part of your image, which will work for you, creating strong emotional ties with others, which will remain throughout life.                The right choice of perfume is art. You can master it if you know its secrets. For starters, in the perfume shops, perfume smells the way the perfumer intended. The uniqueness of the fragrance is given by the person using it. It blends with their skin’s natural scent.


  •  Quality Guarantee Perfume
  •  long lasting fragrance
  • Smells nice
  • Lasts long


  • Product Line: Yemass mall
  • Weight (kg): 0.68
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Explore Woman Perfume EDP_100ml

Explore Woman Perfume EDP_100ml

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